Review: The Mister by E L James

Bentley’s Grade: B

Title: The Mister
Author: E L James
Publisher and Date: Vintage 2019
Page Length: 494
Genre: Erotic Romance

Brief Summary:
Maxim and Alessia occupy very different stations in life. He is an earl. She is his house cleaner. Until recently, Maxim enjoyed a responsibility-free life and a steady stream of self-confident and experienced women. But when he sees Alessia, barefoot and clutching a broom in his kitchen, he falls for her like he’s never fallen for another woman before. Alessia is drawn to him, too, but her traumatic past and distrust of men work to prevent her from expressing her feelings to Maxim. It doesn’t take long for danger to come knocking at Maxim’s London door, forcing Alessia and her Mister to flee to his home in Cornwall—the perfect place for first times by the sea. 

Despite my initial skepticism, I have to say, I actually enjoyed E L James’ newest novel, The Mister. As I read, I found myself looking up at the page number and thinking, there’s no way this is going to be wrapped up in 100 pages… in 50 pages… in 10 pages. I genuinely wanted to keep reading, and not just for the steamy bits, which was an experience in complete contrast to that of reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (the sex scenes were what made it possible for me to finish those books). Continue reading